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Best NFL Betting Sites

If you think about NFL betting in the USA, you must be very knowledgeable about football and are ready Best NFL Betting Sitesto earn money from your knowledge of the sport. There are various ways that you can make money through betting the NFL from the simplest forms of gambling to the most complicated. NFL bettors will attest to the fact that all of these options can induce a whole lot of excitement and tension outside of the field. This page will help you in identifying the different betting options as well as choosing the best NFL betting sites in the US.

Top NFL Betting Websites 2020


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Best NFL Betting Odds

Anything in life requires education on the basics before advancing to other levels. The same is true for NFL betting; the basics are vital because they teach you the principles and rationale behind every rule. The NFL is one of the most popular sports in the US, and it attracts a horde of punters who want to flex their betting skills. If you’re going to be one of them here is a list of NFL betting lines that will help you showcase your talents and earn money.

Spread betting

The point spread controls NFL betting because it is a sport which involves teams that score high points. The spread or line is a side bet that makes sure that teams are on the same playing field in the sportsbook. A team in the sports book will either be represented by a plus (+) or a negative sign (-) followed by a three-digit number. The team that has been affixed with a plus sign is generally considered the underdog while the team that has been attributed the negative sign is regarded as the favourite in the sportsbook.

Money line

When betting on the underdog, the money line bet can yield great results. The money line bet is straightforward, you only bet on whether the one team will win over the other. Betting on the favoured side on the sportsbook yields lower profits because of the low risk associated with the bet. Experienced punters mostly choose to bet on the underdog because the chances of making a lot of money are high.

Quarter and Half Lines

The quarter spread is used to decide which team will win the first quarter of the game while the half line spread determines which team will win at the end of the second quarter of the game. During halftime, some bets are placed to identify what will happen in the second half of the team. This betting line leaves bettors with limited time to place their bets.

Totals or Over/Under

The idea behind betting on totals or the Over/under bet is easy. The punter bets whether they think the total points scored will be over or under what the oddsmakers placed in the sportsbook. Sometimes the total offered on the sportsbook can be influenced by the public through social media.


This betting option is a combination of the betting lines mentioned before: Money line, Totals and the Spread. This means joining a string of bets to make one parlay. For example, you might bet that the New England Patriots will win all their away games. So, the Patriots have to win all their away games if they lose one of the games, you won’t get a payout.

Steps to Choosing Top NFL Betting Sites

It is essential to find a betting site that will meet your betting needs. The process of researching and testing out the different sites can be challenging and cumbersome. Here are a few tips to help the selection process along.

1: look at the various bets offered on the site

Some NFL betting sites offer a limited number of betting lines. Make sure you find a site that offers an array of betting options to allow you the flexibility and freedom of betting on something other than the outcome of the game. The various betting options also provide the fun and excitement that most experienced bettors associated with the NFL.

2: See if there are Bonus Programs

There are many sportsbooks online, and it can be daunting to choose the one that will give you the best odds at winning. A lot of sportsbooks online will offer sign-up bonuses and bonus promotions as well as VIP programmes that have many benefits. Choose the sportsbook that you feel offers rewards that are suited to your needs.

3: Be comfortable with the User Interface

You will probably spend a lot of your time on the sportsbook site during the NFL season. You need to make sure that the website is suited to your comfort level. Is the font easy to read? Is the text clear? How long does the site take to load? These are essential considerations especially when you are involved in live betting. You don’t want to be hindered by the site’s lack of user-friendly tools.

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