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MMA Betting in the USA

Mixed Martial Arts is a high-energy sport that induces a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm from sports fans. There is a myriad of professional fighting groups in the world chief among them being the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The UFC is the one organisation that all fighters who are serious about fighting want to find themselves. MMA is rapidly growing, and it’s attracting a lot of interest from fans who also want to experience the fast-pace demonstrated inside the ring.

This interest has created a lot of opportunities for fans to be part of the action and earn a profit with betting. However, it is understandable that sports betting may not be accessible to beginner bettors as it does to some gambling aficionados. This page is set up to help beginner MMA bettors navigate the various sportsbooks and betting lines easily.

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MMA Betting Lines

Just like any sport betting in the world, various lines can be used by bettors to showcase their skills and to better their odds of earning big money. Here we will discuss the different betting lines that are available to MMA bettors.

MMA Money lines

The MMA Money line bet is similar to other sporting codes. When betting on the money line, it means you are betting on who you think will win the fight. Some symbols are used to reflect the most favoured and the underdog during the match. The positive (+) sign with a three-digit number is ascribed to the fighter who is considered the underdog by the money line. The Negative (-) sign with a three-digit number is given to the opponent that is regarded as the favourite. For Example, Jon Jones might be considered the loved opponent in a particular fight so he will be represented with -170 on the money line while his opponent Henry Cejudo will then be represented with +150 on the money line. This means that if you place a bet on Jon Jones you will have to put up $170 to win $100 and just placing a $100 bet on Henry Cejudo will yield $150 if he wins the fight.

Total Rounds

Oddsmakers set a total number of rounds that the fighters will go before a winner is decided. The punters will then have to guess whether the total number of rounds will be over or under the set number. Due to the small number of rounds that MMA fighters usually fight it can be challenging to guess whether it will be over or under the set amount.

Winning Methods

For this betting line, it is unnecessary to decide which fighter you think will win, and you only have to guess how you think the winner will do so. There are three ways a fighter can win a fight, and that is through a knockout, submission or the score (which is also known as the judges’ decision). It is a good idea to learn more about the fighters, for example, learning the different techniques that they use to win fights.


A parlay is a bet placed on an array of possible fight results. This bet requires that all the possible outcomes that you have bet on to happen, if one of them don’t turn out the way you imagined, then you lose the whole bet. It is wise to note that MMA gamblers consider  Parlay bets risky, but they yield better results.


Futures Bet is placing a bet on an event or outcome that will happen farther into the future. You may think that Henry Cejudo will be the new holder of the world title. The Oddsmakers will place odds on that possibility, and you can either win big or lose out immensely based on those set odds.

Prop Bets

These bets are considered side bets because they deal with the specific results that may happen outside of the total number of rounds bets or the manner of winning bets, Prop bets are generally viewed as the fun bets because there is a multitude of outcomes that a bettor can imagine.

In-Gaming Bets

This bet allows gamblers the opportunity to place bets on a fight as it is happening. The odds change all the time in live betting. However, punters believe this is the most thrilling form of betting.

MMA Betting Tips

Betting on MMA fights can be tons of fun but so is winning. There are a few things that veteran bettors do to ensure that they are always winning and continue to enjoy betting. Here are a few tips that can help you win too.

Tip 1: Carefully Choose Your Fights

It does not make sense to bet on every match that is available if you aim to make money in the exercise. The oddsmakers are usually very accurate when odds are decided so sometimes it is tough to get an edge on them. If you think the odds are precise too then it is a good idea to stay away from the bet because there is a high possibility of you not winning.

Tip 2: In the long run underdogs lose less

This is true for all the sports in the world. The public generally loves the favourite, and it usually bets according to the fighter they perceive as the favourite. Underdogs may lose a few fights, but they generally win a lot more than is expected.

Tip 3: Search for the best betting line

It is an excellent idea to search for betting lines that offer the best odds. In MMA it is possible to find adversely different odds on various sportsbooks. Therefore, search for the sportsbooks that offer the best odds which will make you comfortable.

MMA Predictions

In the upcoming fight of Stephen Thompson vs. Anthony Pettis, the experts, have decided Thompson is the better pick for his fight because he has won half of his fights through knockout. He has won six of his eight fights. While Pettis has won 48% of his fights also by knockout and he has won six of his last nine fights. It is clear to see why Thompson is the favourite; however, the experts aren’t too enthusiastic about the odds.

Betting on MMA Online

In the past, the only option you had was to find the nearest casino or sportsbook and use that avenue to place your bets, which could be a considerable distance from your house. Some sportsbooks offer a limited scope of betting lines which means you are stuck with what has been provided.

Online sportsbooks have a broader scope of betting lines offered and over, and above that there are a lot more benefits online than in a brick-and-mortar. The pay outs are faster, and the interfaces are easy to use. The internet offers a lot more convenience and the ability to research the best betting lines for you.

MMA Betting Odds

MMA betting odds are a lot more different from the football spread or any other sports. The standard bet in MMA is primarily the money line which is also known as a single bet in the UK and Europe. Odds essentially tell you how much you are likely to win from a bet, they do not tell you the odds of winning the fight. You can determine the value of a gamble by testing how much you can win with the odds that you have been given.

For Instance, if there is a fight with a champion fighter and a regular fighter, the odds of the champion fighter are going to be lower. That means if you bet $100 on the champion the payout will be $10 this is considered a certain bet; however, the bet has little value because of the amount of the pay-out.

Common MMA Betting Mistakes

As a bettor, it is essential that you look at the performance of the fighter rather than the personality they exhibit outside the ring. Betting purely on character can be very detrimental for you as a bettor because at times the big personality may not match the skill or the performance of the fighter.

It is also imperative to use caution when betting on heavyweights even though it might be tempting to bet on them because of the fun the fights are. Due to their weight, it is more likely for the heavyweight’s energy to wane a lot sooner into the match while the lighter weights are most likely to go the distance.

It is also important to put less focus on the fighter’s career record because many variables could have contributed to the fighter’s performance since their first fight. It would be better to look at the three or five previous matches.

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